Study Abroad

Study Abroad

NSC Study Abroad offers students a range of opportunities to study, intern and volunteer abroad. The study abroad coordinator at NSC is housed in the International Programs Office and is available to provide administrative oversight and advising for NSC-sponsored programs, non-NSC affiliated programs, as well as advising for funding and scholarship opportunities.

Information Sessions
Study abroad information sessions are held each quarter throughout the district. Find out more about current session dates and times here.

Why Study Abroad?
There are many reasons to study abroad:

  • See the world

  • Experience new perspectives and cultures

  • Increase cross-cultural understanding

  • Learn to adapt in unfamiliar situations

  • Learn/improve a foreign language

  • Increase your confidence and independence

  • Create friendships and network

  • Further your career opportunities

  • Earn credits towards NSC

You Can Study Abroad!
You can make it affordableStudying abroad doesn't have to be break the bank. Students are responsible for researching all the details of programs under consideration and finding one that fits their budget and their needs. State and federal financial aid can be applied to your study abroad expenses if you are eligible, and some scholarship opportunities are available. If you already have a scholarship, it's possible that it can be applied toward the cost of studying abroad

You can study abroad and graduate on time. With careful planning, you should be able to study abroad and finish on time.

You can reap the benefits of study abroad regardless of your major or long-term goals. Students who have studied abroad gain qualities valued by employers and admissions counselors. They are more mature, independent and culturally aware and have excellent interpersonal skills.

For more information visit the NSC website.