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Applied Science Degrees

NSC's Career and Technical Education programs offer three types of Associates degrees, two of which will transfer directly to a bachelor’s degree programs. 

1.) Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The AAS degree does not require that you take transfer level English and Math classes and is designed for students who are not going to transfer to a baccalaureate program.  Students in an AAS program may often specialize in a specific skills set or trade. 

2.) Associate of Applied Science – Transfer (AAS-T) degree. The AAS-T degree is designed for students who intent to transfer to specific baccalaureate programs including one of NSC’s three Bachelor’s degrees: International Business, Application Development, Early Childhood Education and Property Management.   The AAS-T is designed to transfer to Washington State’s Bachelors of Applied Science Degrees, Evergreen University’s “upside down degree” or Western Governors University business degree.   The degree requires transfer level English and Math classes.

Applied Science Degrees


North Seattle College offers 30+ certificate programs for students seeking practical career training in high demand fields.  These certificate programs can be completed within one to two years.     

Review the full list of Eligible Certificate Programs currently offered:

Eligible Certificates Programs

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