Letter & Overload Requests

Email attachments to: IPFrontDesk@seattlecolleges.edu

Letter Types:

20 credit overload
Please make sure that your average GPA is 3.0 or higher and this is not your first quarter. Your request will be denied if you don't meet these requirements. 

All other requests submit here

Social Security
Please see IP front desk staff.

Enrollment Letter
A letter stating that you are currently enrolled in classes for a specific quarter and how many credits you are taking.

I-20 Extension (and change of Education Level from IEP)
Must provide a bank statement of at least $20,125 USD and a Degree Audit-Unofficial.

Tuition Letter
A letter stating the quarter in which you are enrolled and the tuition amount you need to pay for the quarter.  It is usually requested when your bank wants an official letter to transfer funds into our school account.

WA ID/ Driver License

Students no longer need a school letter for WA ID/Driver License. 

Department of Licensing (DOL) policies have changed.

Students now need only the following documents to request a WA ID/ Driver License

·         Printed I-94

·         Passport

·         I-20

Visa Renewal Letter
A letter for a student who is renewing their visa.  You will take this letter with you to your home country embassy to renew your visa.

Invitation Letter
(Provide individual’s full name, relationship to student, duration period, DOB on the back) A letter that will help support a student’s parents or other relatives to apply for a visitor’s visa.


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