On Campus Employment

On Campus Employment


The employment information below is intended for F-1 Students only. Students with work permits or other visa types should contact International Programs for more information.


As an international student your F-1 student status allows you to work on-campus at North Seattle College (NSC). F-1 Students are not allowed to work (paid or unpaid) off-campus unless they have been authorized to do so. The U.S. government takes working illegally very seriously and it could cause a student to lose their F-1 visa status. Before accepting any kind of employment, be sure it is allowed by the F-1 regulations. 

Your I-20 is your proof of work eligibility for on-campus employment at NSC and you must maintain F-1 status to be eligible for employment.  

While there is not a GPA requirement to work on campus, some offices or positions might require you to maintain a specific GPA. For example, International Ambassadors must have a 3.0 GPA to apply. This is to ensure that their studies are the main focus and that work does not interfere with their education. 

Below is a partial list of NSC departments that frequently hire international students. Visit the department you are interested in working with to ask if they have any available positions.

  • Food Services (The Grove)
  • The Student Learning Center (1st floor of HSSR building)
  • Bookstore (1st floor of IB building)
  • International Programs (CC 2460)
  • ARRC (Admissions, Registration, Records and Credentials) (CC 2448A)
  • Student Leadership (CC 1446)
  • Facilities Operations (3NC 0306, Instructional Building)
  • Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Equity & Welcome Center)

In order to apply for a job you most likely will need a resume and cover letter. A resume is a document which highlights your skills, knowledge, experience and education that you will submit to a hiring manager when applying for a job 

A cover letter is a one page letter that you typically send with your resume when applying for a job. A cover letter is how you will introduce yourself to the hiring manager and show your interest in the job you are applying for. 

For more information on resumes and cover letters visit the NSC Career Services website.

International students on an F-1 visa may work on-campus up to 20 hours per week (part-time) while school is in session, and more than 20 hours per week (full-time) during a vacation quarter and in-between quarters, provided they continue as a student the following quarter. 

Some on-campus jobs may have additional restrictions on how many hours a position may work.  

Students who work in the U.S. and earned income from their job will need to file an income tax return at the end of each calendar year and may be eligible for a tax refund. 

The International Programs Office is not responsible for you filing your taxes and we do not have the training or legal authority to provide assistance or advice in regards to filing taxes. All IRS forms, form instructions, help and resources, and publications are available for download at www.irs.gov. Students are free to hire tax consultants on their own. 

2019 Income Tax Filing for International Students 

Additional resources: 

Find tax information on IRS.gov in the following languages: 

Spanish (IRS.gov/Spanish

Chinese (IRS.gov/Chinese

Vietnamese (IRS.gov/Vietnamese

Korean (IRS.gov/Korean

Russian (IRS.gov/Russian

Taxpayer Assistance Centers - they provide multilingual assistance in every office 

International Taxpayers Help & Resources 

Taxation of Nonresident Aliens 

If you have tax questions you should contact a tax consultant or seek advice from a tax professional. Any information provided by North Seattle College is not intended to substitute for professional tax advice. 

1. After you have been offered a job, obtain a completed On Campus Job Offer Letter from your supervisor.

2. Obtain an On Campus Employment Letter from International Programs by uploading your completed On Campus Job Offer Letter to the Student Portal. Choose “Letter Requests” --> “On Campus Employment Letter.”

3. Pick up your On Campus Employment Letter from International Programs front desk after you receive confirmation that it is ready.

4. Bring the following documents to the Social Security Administration office to apply for an SSN:

  • Job Offer Letter
  • On Campus Employment Letter
  • I-20
  • Passport
  • F-1 Visa
  • Most Recent I-94

5. After you receive your SSN card, you will need to provide it to your Supervisor and ARRC. You will also be required to fill out basic employment paperwork with your employer.

It takes approximately 2-4 weeks from the day you apply for you to receive your social security number (SSN) in the mail.

F-1 students must apply for and have written authorization from USCIS before beginning any type of off campus work. Working off campus without authorization is illegal. For more information regarding off-campus employment please visit our OPT and CPT pages.