Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

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Important Medical Insurance Announcement

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Medical insurance is mandatory for all international students (F-1 visa holders) while in the U.S. Students must purchase their medical insurance policy through North Seattle College.

As an international student, you are automatically charged for medical insurance when you register for classes each quarter.  North cannot waive the quarterly medical insurance fee, even if you maintain a separate policy from your home country. 

Concurrent students must request the medical insurance fee be waived or refunded.

With insurance, international students are then responsible for only a $20 copay per illness or injury.

Rates & Medical Insurance Information:

Student: $401.46

Student & Spouse: not available

Per Dependent Child: not available

College Medical Resources 

Access your account or view policy information through the North Seattle College Medical Resources. (This link includes information for "Insurance Options for Your Spouse and Children.")

Coverage Information

Period of Coverage

When you buy North Seattle College's insurance policy, you are covered from the first day of the quarter until the day before the first day of the following quarter. If you are entering the United States for the first time to study at North Seattle College, you will also be covered for 30 days prior to the first day of the quarter, or from the day you entered the United States, whichever comes first. If you are transferring from one school to another, you will be covered from the first day of the quarter. If your previous school also had a policy through The Lewer Agency, and you were covered by the policy, then you will be covered during the break between the two schools when you purchase insurance through NSC.  

What to do if the Doctor’s Office/Hospital says you do not have insurance coverage or your insurance has expired

There is a chance that the LewerMark insurance agency has not received the enrollment information from North Seattle College. This can happen at the beginning of the quarter. In this case, students should do the following:

- Ask the doctor’s office/hospital staff to call the Lewer agency to check on your eligibility. The phone number is 1-800-821-7710 and can be found in the top-left corner on the front of your insurance card.

- If the doctor’s office/hospital has been unable to confirm your coverage, please come to the IP office and let the front desk staff know that you have a question about insurance coverage.

- The IP Office will send your information to the LewerMark insurance agency to enroll you directly. This enrollment typically takes 1 business day. If you already visited the doctor/hospital and received medical treatment, the following business day, you will need to contact the doctor/hospital where you received treatment, tell them that you have insurance information you would like to provide, and ask them to bill the LewerMark agency. You will need to have your insurance card ready when you call or visit so that you can give them the information on the card.

Vacation Quarter or Quarters with No Enrollment

If you are not taking any classes at North Seattle College during a vacation quarter, leave of absence, or medical leave, you will not be covered by North Seattle's insurance policy unless you buy insurance for that quarter. International Programs strongly recommends that students purchase insurance in these circumstances to ensure they have adequate coverage.

Please contact International Programs Front Desk requesting your student account be charged and then pay online.

Email IP Front Desk

If you choose not to purchase coverage during a vacation quarter, leave of absence, or medical leave, you will have a break in coverage from the last day of the previous quarter until the first day of the next quarter you enroll and purchase insurance.

If you have a serious medical condition that requires you to be on full or part-time medical leave, the Lewer policy may not cover you after your first quarter of full or part-time leave. If your condition prevents you from enrolling full time for a second quarter, you may consider returning to your home country until you have fully recovered. If you remain in the United States on medical leave after your first quarter of full-time or part-time medical leave, you may need to find a new insurance policy to cover your medical expenses.

Finishing your Program

If you finish your program and are going home, then you are covered for 30 days from the last day of your program. If you plan to stay through the full 60 days of your program grace period, some students have the option of purchasing a 30-day extension on the insurance policy (see the International Programs Office for details).


If you have been approved for Optional Practical Training (OPT), you may purchase North Seattle College’s policy while you are on OPT. To have insurance during OPT, you must pay the premium with North Seattle upon graduation, or by the time OPT has been granted, whichever comes first. It is important that your coverage does not lapse. If it does, you will not be eligible to purchase North Seattle College’s insurance while you are on OPT.

Please contact International Programs Front Desk requesting your student account be charged and then pay online.

Email IP Front Desk

Medical Insurance does not pay for Dental services. Students may purchase Dental and/or Vision Policies directly through the providers.

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