Letter Requests

Letter Requests

What kinds of letters does the IP Office create?

Enrollment Letter
A letter stating that you are currently enrolled in classes for a specific quarter and how many credits you are taking.

On Campus Employment Letter
Contact intlnorth@seattlecolleges.edu for more information.

University Transfer Agreement Letter
Contact intlnorth@seattlecolleges.edu for more information.

Tuition Letter
A letter stating the quarter in which you are enrolled and the tuition amount you need to pay for the quarter.  

High School Completion Plus Letter
Contact intlnorth@seattlecolleges.edu for more information.

Other Letter
If above the categories don't fit your needs you can request something else. (Must describe what you are requesting. Please note: The IP Office may or may not be able to complete request)

How do I request a class over load?
Requesting 18 credits or more for a quarter must be approved by an academic advisor in Student Success Services. You must make an appointment to determine if you are eligible.

Letter requests are completed online on the Student Portal.
Click here to request a letter
Online Request Instructions

If you need copies of any previous I-20s that were issued by North Seattle College, please contact intlnorth@seattlecolleges.edu. However, please be aware that the school cannot guarantee availability of student documents. If you have lost your original I-20 please request a reprint through the Student Portal. You will need a photo ID to pick up your copies in the International Programs Office. You can also request your copies mailed to you via the Student Portal by choosing “Immigration Requests” à “Shipping Request”.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the I-20 form must be sent directly to the student, his or her dependents, or, for minors, to the parent or guardian. Please ensure that the mailing address provided belongs to one of these individuals.