Updated International Program Forms:

All students (new and current) are required to complete and submit the following forms to our office.

Off-Campus Housing Liability Waiver

Immigration Forms: 

For current international students:

Limited Power of Attorney form

Transfer out form  (Completed online on the Student Portal)

Authorized Early Withdrawal Form

Medical Verification Form

OPT Request Application

Reduced Course Load Request  (Completed online on the Student Portal)

Student Portal 

Online Request instructions

Admissions Forms:

For new, transfer and/or concurrent international students:

Paper IP Application (For students who are unable to complete the online North Seattle Application when applying)

Credit Card Charge Authorization (If you need to pay the $50 USD Application, $50 USD Express mail fee or $50 USD Deferral fee. It will be charged at the NSC Cashier’s office.)

College Wire Transfer Information

Deferral Request (Students who are unable to attend their intended quarter and want to defer their I-20 to another upcoming quarter.  Instructions)

Return Student Form (For students who previously studied at NSC and want to return)

Concurrent Student Form (F-1 visa students who plan to register 1 or more courses while maintaining status at current US school)

Transfer Verification (If you are transferring to NSC from another US school. Instructions)

Underage Forms (If you are under 18 years old, please have your parents/guardians complete these forms.)

All admissions forms can be sent to the NSC IP Admissions department through email, mail or in-person. 

If emailed, please send them to IP Admissions.

Email IP Admissions



Copies of documents in student files are for North Seattle College use only. The International Programs office will NOT make copies of documents in student files for student use, including the I-20 form.