Academic Advising

The International Program staff will assist you with registration your first quarter. Please bring documentation if you have qualifying test scores. You will also need to see an IP advisor for permission for credit overload.

Please see this presentation on How to Make an Appointment with an Academic Advisor

  • After the first quarter, the college academic advising office will help you with registration questions, including:
  • • Overview of programs of study
  • • Choosing classes for next quarter
  • • Long-range educational planning
  • • Questions about the transfer process
  • • 45-credit college transfer check
  • • Graduation applications
  • • Unofficial transcript evaluations (US transcripts only)
  • • Printing a degree audit for International Programs
  • • Student progress advising: academic alert, probation, suspension (if you have been suspended, please see the IP office about your terminated immigration record)
  • • College transfer activities – college fairs, etc


You must apply for graduation! Please see the college website for instructions.

Students in the High School Completion program: please contact Viki Bradley at the IP office.

Transfer Out

  • For students transfering to another school in the United States, please will need to bring the following items to the IP Office:
  • For students transferring to another school in the United States, a transfer out request needs to be completed online on the international student portal. Please follow the instructions online to complete your transfer out request. An acceptance letter to your new school will be required.