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IEP Student Handbook


            1. Read and understand passages critically.
            2. Write a well-organized, coherent essay that summarizes, paraphrases, and/or synthesizes reading.
            3. Apply critical thinking to research and incorporate appropriate research into writing.
            4. Take notes effectively while listening to academic lectures, use lecture notes to create detailed outlines, and discuss detailed lecture.
            5. Use speaking skills to respond appropriately to longer, detailed academic questions.
            6. Use intercultural awareness and understanding to transition effectively into American culture and the American education system.


The Intensive English Program's mission at North Seattle College is to provide conversational and academic English language training to students whose native language is not English. The purpose of the program is to prepare English language learners to succeed in an academic environment.

Overview of IEP Curriculum


  1. To develop the English language and study skills of international students in preparation for academic study at college.
  2. To facilitate intercultural awareness and understanding among students in IEP classes.
  3. To assist international students in their transition to American culture and the American education system.  

IEP’s instruction, services, and practices are in compliance with the standards of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the Code of Ethics of NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Program Details:

  • No TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for admission. Students are placed into the appropriate level based on scores on North’s placement test. See IP placement testing for more information.
  • The IEP has 6 levels, introducing English at level 1 to advanced academic English at level 6. You will study all aspects of the English language: grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, speaking, and listening.
  • Tuition is $2,970 USD per quarter. See the cost page for a full description.
  • IEP class sizes are very small, so you have individual attention. They range from 10 to 18 students per class.

Grammar/Writing  ($1485-tuition ONLY)
10 credits     
Reading/Vocabulary ($742.50-tuition ONLY) 
5 credits       
Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation  ($742.50-tuition ONLY) 
5 credits       

Eligibility for College Level Classes:

Students must meet minimum placement scores to register for college level classes. Upon eligibility for Level 6 IEP classes, students may take a 2-5 credit college level class along with Grammar/Writing Level 6. Upon completion of Level 6 IEP classes, students will have direct placement into English 097, 098, 99/101 or 101. Click here for grades needed for direct placement

  • TOEFL  (iBT ONLY) – 56 or higher with no section below 14
  • IELTS – 5.5 or higher with no section below 4.5

IEP Academic Calendar 2017 - 2018

Fall Quarter 2017:                                                                           September  25 – December 1
Nov.10, Nov.23, Nov.24

Winter Quarter 2018:

January 2 – March 9

Holidays: Jan.15, Feb.19


Spring Quarter 2018:

April 2 – June 8

Holidays: May 28


Summer Quarter 2018:

June 25  – August 16

Holidays: July 4


Fall Quarter 2018:

September 24 November 30

Holidays: Nov. 12, Nov. 22, Nov. 23

Questions about IEP classes?


Ask the  Intensive English Program Associate Dean.


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