Application Deadlines

We strongly recommend new overseas applicants to apply for admission at least one month in advance of intended quarter to allow sufficient time for visa processing and to make travel arrangements, however, we suggest earlier in order to make all necessary pre-departure arrangements.

Visa processing time may differ from country to country. Please check for the visa wait times for your specific city/country.

Visa Appointment Wait Times

Application deadlines for the following student types are:

New Overseas (First time applying to study in the US): 1 month before intended quarter starts

  • Winter 2020: November 25th
  • Spring 2020: February 25th
  • Summer 2020: May 25th
  • Fall 2019: August 25th

F-1 visa Transfer: Second day of first week of intended quarter

Concurrent (F-1 visa student who plans to take 1-2 courses): 10th day of intended quarter

Incidental Study and Part-or-Full Time Study nonimmigrant visa status: Second day of first week of intended quarter

**If student plans to change nonimmigrant visa to F-1 visa overseas, the deadline is 1 month before intended Quarter starts.

**If student plans to apply for Change of Status in the US, the processing time for USCIS approval will be over 4+ months.