Application Fee: $50 USD

International students are considered to be non-residents for tuition purposes as long as they are in the United States on a non-immigrant visa (F, M, J, L, A, etc.). The following costs are estimated expenses for a single student in college-level programs or IEP study for one quarter. The costs are subject to change without notice.

You must show a minimum bank statement in the amount of the following:

  • IEP: $20,404 USD
  • College-Level (Associate Degree): $20,782 USD
  • BAS: $29,723 USD

Quarterly Estimated Costs



NSC College-Level


Full-time Tuition




College fees*




Medical Insurance (required)








Housing and Food




Bus Pass








Total ESTIMATED expenses (per quarter)




*Computer lab and Wellness Center

Living expenses are based on homestay costs. Students renting their own apartment can expect higher expenses. 

Personal expenses for shopping, dining out, sightseeing etc. are not calculated in these estimates as they vary significantly based on individual spending habits. Parents should set a reasonable monthly budget for personal expenses based on their child’s needs and any financial considerations.

Wire Transfer Information

Please be advised that wire transfer funds may only be used for tuition. Wire transfer funds cannot cover any other expenses, such as homestays or books.

Refunds can only be made to the person who sent the original wire transfer, and only to the bank account where the wire originated. Deposits cannot be refunded to any other account, including a student’s personal bank account in the United States.


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