Admission Procedure

Admission Information

To comply with SEVP Policy Guidance S13.2: (Form I-20 and the English Proficiency Field) we are required to issue IEP/ESL I-20’s to students who do not provide proof of English proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL score) before acceptance.

For students who test into college Level English upon arrival at NSC, an Associate degree I-20 will be issued after class registration.

Test results must meet the minimum scores listed.

- TOEFL -iBT ONLY -(Valid 2 years): Total score of 56-63  with minimum of 14 on all sections.

- IELTS (Valid 2 years):  Total score of 5.5 with minimum of 4.5 on all sections.

There is no official deadline for applying to North Seattle College. However, we recommend that you apply at least 8 weeks before classes begin. Students transferring from another school within the U.S. can apply up to one week before the quarter begins.



You must submit these application materials:

  • Completed Admission Application Form
  • Financial statement (IEP: $20,404 USD, College Level (Associate Degree): $20,782 USD, BAS: $29,723 USD)
  • $50 USD application fee (non-refundable)
  • Copy of passport
  • I-20, I-94, visa, unofficial transcripts, and transfer verification form (for students transferring from a US institution)
  • High school transcript (if applying for high school program)
  • Underage Form (if under 18 years old)

○ As part of the admission process for underage students, we do require forms with the following statements to be filled out and signed by the student's parents or legal guardians:

  • Medical Care and Treatment of Minor Children Consent (under the age of 18)
  • Orientation and Off-Campus Trips and Activities Waiver of Liability (under the age of 18)
  • Permission to Contact Parents and /or Agents (under the age of 18)
  • Underage Student Housing Policy (under the age of 18)
  • Parental Waiver (under the age of 18)


Guardian appointment recommendation for students under 18 years old

North Seattle College recommends that underage students have a reasonable adult (guardian) living in the United States who can look after their welfare.  Students under the age of 18 may find it difficult to live on their own and make important decisions affecting their living situation, health or personal safety. A responsible adult can provide support to underage students until they are 18 and considered legal adults.

Finding a guardian to care for an underage student is the responsibility of the student’s parents.  North Seattle College cannot act in place of guardians for underage students, nor is it able to recruit individuals to serve in this role.

Some parents may wish to have a legal guardian in the United States caring for their child. Designating a guardian is a legal procedure that involves filing of paperwork with the Washington State court system. Guardianship is not a simple process. More information can be found at:

Host families recruited by one of Homestay agencies the college works with cannot carry the role of a guardian, but they can provide a very stable living environment for underage students.

Although North Seattle College and its staff cannot act as a legal guardian for underage students, parents may choose to give North Seattle College staff the authority to make decisions for an underage student in the case of a medical emergency.  Parents may do so by submitting this form. Emergency situations include cases of serious injury or where a student’s life may be in danger. They do not include non-emergency illnesses or medical procedures, such as a cold or mild illness.  The form is only applicable to underage students (under 18 years of age).

Advance Deposit for Applicants from Specific Countries

North requires an advance deposit of $4500.00 USD to ensure that applicants with sponsors from the following countries are financially prepared to study in the United States, and that applicants intend to enroll as international students:

Congo, Gambia, Guinea-Conakry, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania.

Acceptance materials (including an I-20 form) will not be issued until the deposit is received. Exception: students who are sponsored by a United States citizen or resident will not be required to make this deposit.

Deferment & Refunds

If a student is unable to obtain a visa, he/she can apply to defer to a later quarter. There will be a processing fee of $50 for all deferrals. If a student who has paid the deposit is unable to obtain an F-1 student visa, the student will then be refunded the deposit, minus any applicable bank charges. The application and processing fee ($50 USD) is not refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: Wire Transfers are only for funds wired from outside the U.S. Funds from a bank inside the U.S. will not be accepted.

Please click here for bank wire information.

English Level

 North does not require a TOEFL score to enter college and take college classes. Instead, you will take an English placement test when you arrive, and then you will be assigned appropriate classes.

Program Dates

Fall 2017 (Sept 25-Dec 14)  Orientation: Sept 18 - 22

Winter 2018 (Jan 2 - March 21)  Orientation: Dec 26 - 29

Spring 2018 (April 2 - June 15) Orientation: March 26 - 30

Apply now

Complete the online application or Paper application


Your application is not complete until we receive the non-refundable $50 USD application fee (and paper application if applicable) and supporting documents (passport page, bank statement, and transcripts).


Fax: (206) 934-3794


North Seattle College International Programs
9600 College Way
Seattle, WA 98103  USA

 (PLEASE NOTE: Copies of documents in student files are for North Seattle College use only. The International Programs office will NOT make copies of documents in student files for student use, including the I-20 form. If you lose your I-20, a $50 USD "I-20 Reprint and Express Mail fee" will be required to reprint and mail your replacement I-20 to you.)


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