Register for Classes

Registration Instructions

To register for classes, login to your account with your SID and PIN. New students, your PIN is 6 digits of your birth date (MMDDYY). Make sure the correct quarter is selected. If there is a hold on your account or if you'd like permission to overload, please see an IP advisor. Don't forget to update your contact information!

IEP students

Please fill out a quarter plan. You will be registered for the appropriate level automatically. If you are a new student and need to take the IEP COMPASS, please check in at the IP office before orientation.

College Students

Returning students can follow the registration instructions above. If you are a new students and have qualifying TOEFL or IELTS score, you can pre-register for classes prior to your arrival to the United States. It is highly recommended you do this as soon as possible due to the high demand for classes. Please send us the original test score results and the classes you'd like to take. Copies and print-outs of the test results are NOT acceptable.

If you need to take the COMPASS College placement test, it is recommended that you enter the country and check in at the IP office 2 weeks before orientation.