International students enrolling at North Seattle college have several housing options.

Temporary Accommodations

There are a number of hotels and inns near the school if you need temporary housing while you make permanent arrangements.
Temporary Accommodations


There are numerous apartments within walking distance to North Seattle College. Please contact their leasing office if you are interested in renting one of the units.


If you would like to live with an American family, choosing a homestay is the perfect solution. Please contact the organizations directly for an application or more information about their services.

Underage Housing

Students under the age of 18 will need an adult to co-sign in order to rent an apartment or house in Washington state. If you are under the age of 18, you can stay with family/friends that can act as guardians in the Seattle area or they can arrange for accommodations in a homestay with one of our partner agencies. All agencies require that parents sign forms related to the provision of health care and behavior agreements for minor students. Students under 18 should read the requirements discussed in the IP High School Completion Plus program.


If you need assistance finding housing, renting an apartment on your own or finding a roommate, please contact the Housing Coordinator. Please make arrangements at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance.
Email IP Housing Coordinator

Housing Disclaimer

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North Seattle College does not own or manage any housing on or off campus. The College does not evaluate nor imply the suitability or safety related to any off-campus housing property, landlord, management, realtor, or any other individual or organization associated with off-campus housing. The College does not sponsor, endorse, approve, or certify any off-campus housing and any off-campus housing that markets as such is not authorized to do so, by law. The College also does not authorize verbiage that states or implies that the College is associated with any housing.